Day of the Dragon Roll

Hi There Wanderers.

Today was fairly busy. I left the house at 8am and didn’t come home until 8pm! I’m not a fan of these types of days, but it was okay. I headed to Bristol after work to a One to One Session at the Apple store. Learnt more about Pages, which will help a lot in future months I’m sure. I also now want to create posters for something!

No exercise today as I usually have a rest on a Wednesday. I seem to always be hungrier on rest days and I’m not sure why. It is very annoying at times. Today wasn’t too bad as had to drive to and from Bristol so had something to concentrate on.

Todays Menu:

  • Breakfast = cold oatmeal (so good) with cashew butter, jam, sultanas and cranberries
  • Lunch = Houmous on bread, 3 british plums (yay for plum season) and a Nak’d Bar
  • Snack = melon
  • Dinner = Yo Sushi – Salmon Nigiri (no photo), Miso Soup, Salmon Dragon Roll, Edamame Beans and Crispy Prawn Roll
  • Snack = 70% dark Green & Blacks chocolate
  • Coffee = 3
  • Green Tea = 2
  • Fruit Tea = 1
  • Lots of water
A pretty good day. I sat in Yo Sushi after having the above on the lookout for something else, but nothing came round that I fancied. I took this as a sign that I was no longer hungry, just wanted more. It also meant I didn’t feel guilty about coming home and having some nice dark chocolate with my evening tea.
Total calories for today 1745. 51% from Carbohydrates. 17% from protein. 32% from fat. A Mush better profile 🙂 Also 28.6 grams of fibre. I’m very impressed with my fibre intake 🙂 10.9 portions of fruit and vegetables!
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