A Thoughtful Day

Today has been another day of thinking. I doing that a lot at the moment. I used a be an action girl, but now I’m slowing things down and trying to take note of what is actually going on in my head.

Today has been a good day food and exercise wise. I went to Body Combat after work and kicked up a sweat. It felt good! Especially as I was so tired when I started. I really had to force myself through the warm up, but by the time the leg track came round I was on top of it 🙂

I have consumed 1815 calories today. 45% from carbohydrates. 17% from protein. 38% from fat.  I plan to sit down soon and go back through my stats since I started this and find a better fat intake. I also had 28 grams of fibre, which is well above the average recommend intake of 18 grams.

WLR resources also says I have consumed 11 portions of fruit and vegetables. I really need to look into what makes a portion as I had thought I had about 6 today, not 11!

Todays Menu:

  • Breakfast = Oatmeal with organic raspberry jam, cashew butter, sunflower seeds and dark chocolate chips
  • Lunch = Multi seed bagel with houmous, hot smoked salmon and lettuce followed by a cashew cookie Nak’d bar
  • Snack = cantaloupe Melon
  • Second Snack = Eat Natural Bar
  • Pre Work Out Snack = 3 Brazil Nuts
  • Dinner = Pasta (from my Amalfi Trip) with homemade spicy tomato, mushroom and onion sauce with cheddar cheese on top.
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2 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Day

  1. That pasta looks fantastic Angie!

    Also, we should discuss our next adventure…

    Hope you’re having a good day 🙂

    1. Thanks Ingrid! It was good, although I needed to cook it a little bit more, but I got impatient with hunger!
      Yes we need to discuss plans 🙂 I’ll send you an email shortly.

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