Last British Strawberries of the Year?

Back to normal after a weekend of fun 🙂

I had a great day. I listened to my body. I spoke to my counsellor and listened. I listened to myself (I need to work on that though). I did some exercise. I felt pretty great all day. By great I mean I felt okay. There were no significant ups or downs, things were steady all day. I suppose the most important thing is I noticed!

Eating and drinking today went well.

  • Breakfast = greek yogurt with sunflower, pumpkin, chia seeds, oats, banana and honey with an apple juice.
  • Lunch = hot smoked salmon and avocado salad and a Nak’d Bar
  • Snack = British Strawberries
  • Pre Work Out Snack = 3 brazil nuts
  • Dinner = 3 egg omelette with cheese, tomato and onion and some fig relish
  • Dessert = one slice of toast with lemon curd
  • 1 Coffee
  • 2 Green Teas
  • 2 Fruit Teas
  • Lots of water
I quite like listing the food. It takes away the emotion, but allows me to reflect as I write and look at the photos.
I think that might have been the last of British Strawberries for this year. In the paper this morning there were pictures of where autumn has already begun. I love autumn even though it’s early. Time to move onto this season’s food.
I consumed 1729 calories. I earned approximately 600 by doing Body Jam express and Body Pump. I’m happy with that balance.
31% from carbohydrates. 19% from protein. 50% from fat. Not a great profile. My fat consumption is very high. I for got I had avocado for lunch with the salmon so I probably should have had more carbs at dinner, but I wanted an omelette. It’s now 8:20pm and I feel good. I’m not hungry and my tea is going down nicely. I just need to watch my choices a bit more.
Onto the food gallery 🙂
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