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SuperFoods Healthstyle

“Organized around the four seasons, this year-long, day-by-day programme builds on the fourteen SuperFoods introduced in book one and is aimed at anyone who is interested in taking stock of their lives– anyone who wants to do an ‘audit’ of where they’re at in terms of health. Practical and easy to follow, it shows you how to maximize your physical activities for improved levels of fitness, and how to tweak your diet for optimum nutrition. As a bonus, readers will discover how to deal with stress more effectively with a variety of coping mechanisms that can be put into action with little effort. Taking advantage of the rhythms of the seasons, SuperFoods Healthstyle also offers a range of simple dietary changes that can make a real difference to your health – everything from the Top Winter Breakfasts to the best Summer Salads, from how to incorporate foods containing folic acid into your diet to help beat depression, to how treat inflammation fast and effectively. There’s even a ‘Healthstyle Four-week Fast-track Diet’ which is designed to kick-start your metabolism!”

 I found this book through a recommendation from KERF and am so glad I did!

I borrowed it from the library, but think I am going to buy myself a copy at some point as I think this will be one I will like to refer back to. I like that it is not a diet plan. It is all about food that provide a lot of benefits to you and also give you options of similar foods.

The first thing and main thing I have taken from this books is the list of foods and how many times I should be having them to get the most benefit. This is my aim for the foreseeable future. To incorporate more of these foods into my diet.

I love that they have organised the book into seasons. This way I can create my own ‘plan’ to incorporate these without getting bored. As Autumn is coming up I am going to start there and start to add the super foods from that section into my life. I would list the foods I am going to add but I am not sure over copyright and I would prefer to research that before getting into to trouble. I hope you understand. I fully recommend getting the book though!

This is also an opportunity to try new foods and experiment with cooking 🙂

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