Adventures in Books… The Rogue

The Rogue: The Traitor Spy Trilogy, Book 2

“Kyralia is facing threats at home and abroad, as a rogue killer stalks its capital’s streets, while the neighbouring kingdom of Sachaka is breeding a rebellion that could destabilise the entire region.
High Lord Akkarin and Sonea’s son Lorkin has a legacy of heroism to live up to, but despite his good intentions, his incarceration in Sachaka’s rebel traitor stronghold could destroy the tenuous peace between the two countries. Angered by Lorkin’s seeming defection the Sachakans blame the Kyralian ambassador, Danny–and they are a savage people when roused.
And back home, in the University, two young novices are about to remind the Guild that sometimes their greatest enemy comes from within…”

I love Trudi Canavan books. I have read all of them and this is the latest release and the second book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy. The trilogy is an extension of the Black Magician Trilogy series published before this series.

It is a fantasy novel, with great characters and plot development. It is good fun while being thrilling. I could put it down towards the end. There are some good twists as well. I like the fact it stays true to the characters from the original series. It was a new, yet familiar read that I really enjoyed.

I would recommend starting at the beginning of the story as this trilogy hints at the past without going into too much detail.

Great book!

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