Weekly Wanderings

Hi Wanderers 🙂

It’s been a busy week for and I haven’t done as much reading as normal. Well I have done lots but quite a bit of it I can’t share at the moment.

So this week I’ve gone through my Google Reader and Foodgawker recipes and written them down and added a page to my blog. Now I have them all in one place and my aim is to work through them one by one. I’m not setting time limit on this but I would like to aim for trying one new recipe a week.

Following on from this I found a great post on BlogHer called Five Tips for Thinking Outside the Recipe Box. Great simple ideas to jazz up your normal meals.

A great post from the Word of Mouth Blog over at the Guardian called Consider Cider. Need I say more?

NHS Choices have written an interesting article in the Behind the Headlines series called Beans and Lentils Lower Cancer Risk. I like this series as I often read these stories in newspapers and wonder where they get the information from. The NHS looks at the studies and determines whether the papers have been fully truthful or if they have only looked at one side of the story. I find them more realistic and balanced articles.

I found this CNN Article called Should All Obese People Lose Weight? on twitter and wanted to share it. It is an interesting question and like any health matter it is extremely personal.

That’s it for this week, until next time 🙂

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