Not So Great

Not sure what happened today, but I made some bad food choices and gave in to feelings I didn’t like.

I’m giving a gallery display a go today as it is a lot quicker than inserting the individual photos.

Mt day was okay. I worked this morning then took the afternoon off to do some personal work.

I was craving something sweet all afternoon so had some dark chocolate, but it didn’t the spot I then went to a local Starbucks to work on my laptop. I gave in to a Chai Tea Latte and a Berry scone – 600 calories spent!

I then came home and tracked and found out the calories. Ah well. The problem was my sweet tooth was still not satisfied!

I ended up eating hazelnut chocolate spread from the jar. I haven’t done that in a long time. I suppose this was a binge. Although a small one compared to binge sessions I had last month. It’s still frustrating though. I can’t figure out what is wrong.

I bought myself some flowers today. I had to buy a vase too 🙂

I consumed 2824 calories. 57% from carbohydrates. 10% from protein. 13% from fat. Not a great profile today either.

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2 thoughts on “Not So Great

  1. Not so great perhaps, but being aware of the binge definitely is. The more I binge now, the better I’m getting at limiting the damage. I think reflection like this helps us learn to do a little better each time, which is great.

    1. Thanks Rich!
      Yes I feel it’s a learning process and at the moment being aware of what’s happening is a step forward. Admitting it on here was hard but I’m glad I did as I’m not hiding anymore!

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