Multiple Meals

Today did not go to plan at all.

I started off okay with overnight oats with sultanas, honey and blueberries.

I could not wake up all morning as it was so dark due to the rain. I had 2 bars. One cereal and one fruit and nut.

My lunch plans went on hold. I had planned to come home and make lunch, but as it was raining and I had forgotten to bring a coat I decided it was not worth getting soaked. So I had a prawn mayonnaise baguette from the restaurant. It was really good.

Somehow that did not hit the spot so I caved in and had a lemon cheesecake pot from the shop. It was so good and it did hit the spot.

The afternoon flew by and by soon it was time to head to my self-esteem course. I stopped at the supermarket for a few things and picked up a edamame bean salad to keep me going through the course. I have decided it is too early to eat before as I would still get hungry later. Also it is too late to eat fully after. So multiple meals 🙂

Once I got home I decided to have cashew butter and organic raspberry jam on toast. It hit the spot!

Even though things didn’t go to plan I have had a good day.

I have consumed 1838 calories. This is a bit much for a non exercise day, but I listened to my body. 51% carbohydrates. 14% protein. 35% from fat.

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