I’ve a really good day today. I felt productive and focused all day. This hasn’t happened in a long time. It was weird that it just happened today.

I started off with my favourite breakfast of 2% greek yogurt, oats, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, honey and banana all mixed up.

This really does keep me going.

I got peckish at 11am and knew I wouldn’t be able to have lunch until after 1:30pm so I had Pecan Pie Nak’d Bar.

Lunch was bought from the supermarket. I had prawn with rice noodles salad and a bread roll with some edamame dip spread on the top. I really enjoyed this lunch. Probably as I didn’t have to do anything.

The afternoon flew by with a yogurt mid way through.

I got home and put my dinner together. I had a bit of a sweet tooth on the way home so stopped in a shop, but they didn’t have what I was after so I came home and had some Green and Black 70% dark chocolate straight from the fridge.

About an hour later I had a great dinner. My mum’s homemade chilli con carne and homemade baked potato wedges. I wouldn’t normally have this in the summer, but I’ve been feeling a bit cold the past few days so this really hit the spot.

Dessert a bit later was quite a few cherries. Cherries are my favourite fruit. I just love them. I would love to have a cherry tree in my garden when I grow up 🙂

Rounding off my evening finishing Superfoods Healthstyle with a snack and a mug of herbal tea.

Just need to write a letter tonight and then I’m off to bed with a book 🙂


Update: I forgot to add my calories and nutritional profile!

Today I’ve consumed 1815 calories. 53% from carbohydrates. 19% from protein. 28% from fat. A good profile today 🙂

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