Articulate Friends

Not many photos today as I totally forgot!

I had a great breakfast of left over oatmeal with organic raspberry jam, cashew butter and Spelt Dorset Cereal.

In work I had a few snacks during the day. A Fruitus oat bar, an organic yogurt and Dorset cereal bar. I need to look at my snacking in more detail and figure out if some of it is just because I get bored.

Lunch was great. I was prepared last night and cooked an extra piece of chicken. So I put together and chicken and avocado salad.

After work today was Body Combat with Helly. Amazing workout. We both felt urgh about it, but once we got going we had a great session 🙂

I had to rush home and clean up as I headed round my friend Jen’s house for dinner. She made lasagna with garlic bread and salad followed by pineapple upside down cake for dessert. I totally forgot to take photos as I was super hungry and everyone else was already there and eating. I’ll get better at it once more people know about my blog I think.

We also played a really funny game of Articulate. It was 3 against 2, with Jackie and Fran on one team and Me, Kate and Jen on the other. Some of the things we came out with were hilarious! I’m sure we will be playing that game again. It was getting competitive when I left as they were going 2 against 2!

So today is a bit estimated as I guessed dinner. I consumed 1947 calories. 41% from carbohydrates. 17% from protein. 42% from fat. I think I should have more carbs than fat, but I’m not hungry so it was a good day 🙂

Goodnight everyone!

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