A Good Day

Today has been another good day 🙂

I have  consumed 1688 calories. 43% from carbohydrates. 20% from protein. 37% from fat. I also burned 600 calories.

I started out with oatmeal with added dark chocolate chips, dried organic cranberries and sunflower seeds. Also my apple juice shot.

A really enjoyable breakfast, but it wasn’t quite enough. I needed a snack at 10am so had a low fat yogurt.

Lunch came quite quickly today and my stomach was ready for my houmous bagel with lettuce. I also had some beetroot and cherry tomatoes on the side.

The afternoon also went quick. I needed some snacks. I had a Dorset Cereal Bar and an Eat Natural Bar. I also had 2 dates, 3 almonds and 3 brazil nuts right before my Body Jam Express session followed by Body Pump.

Got home and cooked some dinner. Grilled chicken topped with herbs mix from a tube. On the side I had grilled corn, courgette and mushroom. Also some mustard in there too. A good dinner, although not very colourful.

Good night everyone!


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