A Picky Day

Today started off by heading to the pool for 8am. Yes I swim on both Saturday and Sunday at 8am. I’ve been doing it for so long now I am used to it 🙂

I had a couple of date with almond butter for energy before I left. I completed a 2900 metre swim in an hour. I had to use fins for some off it to take the pressure off my arms, but otherwise it was a great swim. I then headed out to catch up with a few club friends and have breakfast. Coffee, yogurt, and toast with banana and honey.

I then headed to a different sports centre to do Body Combat. Wow hard work this morning but it felt great. My friends didn’t turn up. I was a bit annoyed but other people I talk to were there so it was okay. And once I got started I didn’t care anyway 🙂

I got home and my stomach was grumbling. I didn’t fancy staying in my sweaty clothes so grabbed an oat bar and headed for the shower. Once I was all fresh and clean again I was tired. Sunday + Fitness = Tired = afternoon nap. After lunch of course. A lazy lunch of toast and houmous followed by melon. Also some dark expresso chocolate (didn’t keep me awake though).

Quite a long nap followed but I woke up feeling really good. I must have needed it. I work on my blog as you hopefully will have noticed. I wanted the theme to be more travel based so installed a new one. I would like to get a personal at some point but I’m not quite there yet. Plus is could be a nice project for a friend 😉

I was picky after my nap. I had some greek yogurt with honey and oats but it didn’t hit the spot. I then had some toast with lemon curd and that did. Simple but so good.

I spent an hour or so catching up on blogs. So great posts out there over the weekend. Then had dinner. King prawns with stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce. From a take away, but it was reasonably healthy. Lots of veggies and I don’t like too much sauce so I spooned it out of the container and left a lot in the there, which my dad put on his rice. No waste!

I needed a post dinner snack so had a cashew cookie Nak’d Bar. I burned over 1500 calories through exercise according to WLR so that is probably why I’ve been hungry today.

That rounds up today. I have consumed 1983 calories. 51% from carbohydrates. 20% from protein. 29% from fat.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend 🙂

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