One to One

Today has been a good day.

I have consumed 1757 calories. 48% from carbohydrates. 17% from protein. 35% from fat. I haven’t had chance to go through everything yet, but I want to alter my nutrition profile a bit.

I started out with some dates and cashew butter and apple and cherry juice before my good 2850 metre swim.

Then I headed off to Bristol for my first one to one session at the Apple Store. I needed coffee so had one on the go out of my oldest travel mug. Also my very first travel mug bought back in 2004!

I dragged my Mum along but let her go shopping. It was a really good session. Matt took me through the basics of what my Mac can do, but was impressed with how much I have learnt on my own from just playing around and googling. I’ve already booked in for another session in a couple of weeks. It’s great I paid a one off fee for a year of one to one sessions. I am going to be making the most of this!

We went for lunch at Cafe Gusto and both of us couldn’t decide between the Vegetairan Omelette and the Mushroom and Halloumi Omelette. So we got one of eat and split them 🙂 They both came with toast as they were off the breakfast menu but neither of us ate that. We also had coffee while out, I had a skinny latte.

We then headed home and I had a yogurt. The low fat ones are not as yummy as the the normal ones.

I’ve spent the afternoon on my blog as Ryan from Revive My Blog and author of No More Bacon transferred me to an my own domain and to self host 🙂 Thanks Ryan! I’ve got a lot to learn so please bear with me while I sort things out. Also ideas are welcome for how to make my blog better! I feel it’s cluttered, but I’m not sure if that is the colour scheme.

So for dinner I cooked! OMG Amazing I know 🙂

I threw together a recipe based on things I like. I made Goats Cheese Stuffed Mushroom. I mixed goats cheese, cooked potato and chives together and grilled them. I served it with a salad. I’m sure I want to blog complete recipes but if you want it I can send you details.

I am impressed with myself. I normally have to follow a recipe but I threw this together and really enjoyed it! I hope to continue this as I really enjoyed making and then eating it. There was something special about creating a meal from stretch. This needs to be part of my healthy lifestyle.

Just finished watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with Sian. Also had a Dorset Cereal bar as my stomach was making noises.

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