I’ve been thinking about motivation today. It’s a tricky one as everyone has different motivations and goals.

Motivation is the driving force by which human achieve their goals – Wikipedia

This shows that if you don’t have a goal you won’t be motivated. A few things in my life now make sense where I have been doing things without really having a goal in mind and no wonder I have not succeeded at anything because I have set myself nothing to achieve!

In the past I realised I always had a goal:

  • 2007 was travelling around New Zealand which I wanted to lose weight and get fitter for
  • 2008 I was getting fitter for trekking the Inca Trail in Peru
  • 2009 I didn’t have a goal and started to put on weight and do less exercise
  • 2010 I was training for Kilimanjaro
  • 2011 the goal post keep changing

This year has been rubbish. It is already the end of July and apart from my holidays I can think this year has blurred into day after day. This is quite sad as I want to live life to the full everyday (well as much as possible).

Motivation for achieving a goal is one thing, but what about motivation living life to the full everyday?

After reading Kepa’s post earlier today I have taken inspiration from him and written myself some goals for this week:

  • Finish Book Club Book & make notes for book club
  • Tidy TV room
  • Eat Healthily and Track
  • Buy & read a magazine I haven’t read before
  • Prepare for Counselling Session
  • Blog
  • Research getting my own domain
  • Book annual leave for August – completed before I left work 🙂
  • Exercise 5 times

I suppose my overall goal at the moment is to get ready to go to Canada in January, but that is too big to think about. Over the next few months I will be breaking it down and adding the smaller goals to my weekly goals.

I think this might become a regular post. Thanks Kepa for the idea and the motivation 🙂

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