Weekly Wanderings…

This weeks Weekly Wanderings for you. I hope you enjoy!

  • I have become addicted to Pinterest. I have set up 17 boards for random images I find on the site and randomly on the internet. It would be very useful if you were redecorating or renovating your house and planning a party or wedding as you can get so many ideas. Or if you’re like me just look at lots of great images 🙂 I’m pretty sure I found this site through A Merry Life, Thanks Mary!
  • I’ve been doing some reading this week and came across self-compassion.org. I found this very interesting as I am often very hard on myself in ways that I would not be towards my friends if they were in the same situation. So I am going to continue reading about this and see if I can modify some of my behaviours.
  • Via twitter I found this website, make-everything-ok.com, and it really worked for me at work. If you need to a take a bit of time out go here now!
  • I went to see Transformers and Bridesmaids at the cinema this week and I liked both for different reasons. I like fun movies and this week has been all about that!
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