Weekly Wanderings…

I wanted to start sharing things I find with the blog more, so I have decided to emulate some of my favourite blogs and do a weekly round up post of what I’ve been reading and find useful and interesting.

This Weeks Wanderings:

  • Mary over at A Merry Life provided us with a great post on strength training and I’m now going to work at getting more of this into my workouts.
  • Jen over at Prior Fat Girl wrote this great post that I read and want to shout ‘YOU SEE!’ to all my friends (in a nice way though).
  • I also started (and will finish tonight) When Food Is Love as written about by Mary at A Merry Life. Please go and take a look at her posts about the book. She has some great thoughts and is so strong and brave for sharing with the blog world.
  • Go and give your love to Susan over at The Great Balancing Act. She has been diagnosed with cancer and is still blogging.
  • After reading so many recipes ideas I finally got my first delivery of Chia seeds and Quinoa and plan to try both of these this weekend.
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