Which way?

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I should celebrate the fact that I am lucky enough to have so many choices in my life…

… but sometimes I wish I didn’t have to choose.

I like the feeling of being certain about a decision I’ve made. I don’t think I’m too impulsive, but impulsive enough to enjoy opportunities when they arise. Therefore I do tend think about big decisions for long period before making a final decision.

Right now I have so many thoughts going through my mind I cannot concentrate on work. However as it involves thinking about work i do not feel guilty about writing this post.

Last week I had it pretty much sorted. Now I have been offered a few other options to think about I’m all confused again.

I feel like how I felt before I started this blog. I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know what I should do. All my options have both good and bad points.

I feel overwhelmed as I now have to research things again to make sure I make the right decision.

What do you do when you have so many choices you get overwhelmed?


Update: I will update on this when I get my thoughts in order and know what I’m doing. As it is work related I do not want to rock the boat in any way through my blog.

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