2015 Goals

I’ve been thinking about my goals for the year ahead. I don’t make resolutions, but I like to sit down at this time of year (although a little later than normal this year) and think about what I want to do in the year ahead.

For me 2015 and turning 30 makes it already a big year. I have wanted to turn a corner in my life for the last few years and I want 2015 to finalise that for me. Heading into my third decade for me means I want to always be myself. What other people think about me is none of my business. I want people to respect me, rather than aiming for everyone to like me. I want to let go of those last few things that are really my parents in my head and make sure I’m living my life exactly how I want to and to my own values.

For me 2015 is about three things:

– weight
– fitness
– work

These take on different things depending on the person, but I know what I want to achieve with each thing. I am not going to lay it out here as some bits are extremely personal and are not for airing on my blog. However these will also impact on what I post about and my adventures over the next 12 months so I want to share where I am going and what I am thinking about.

I’ve learnt from Project Lifestyle last year and I over complicated things. This year I am keeping it simple and focusing on one thing at a time. Sometimes things will link and work towards two goals at the same time, but otherwise they each have their own focus and importance and priority.

Learning from Project Lifestyle

I spent 2014 trying to manage my life like a project. In some aspects this was successful, and other aspects it was not. It was an interesting experiment. However I know I made it over complicated and therefore was trying to do too much at the same time and not giving anything my full attention.

I wanted to look back at my original aims of the project to see what I achieved.

  • I want to wear a dress to the running club christmas party – I did this, but it was not the dress I intended. However I was impressed that I had the confidence to do this and am happy i achieved this.
    • either fitting into one of my Coast ones or a new one – didn’t do
  • I want to wear a dress to work in summer – didn’t do
  • I want to have completed 4 triathlons – I completed 3, but also became a level 1 qualified coach, so more than happy with this
    • 400m 20km 5km – completed
    • 3 of 750m 20km 5km – 2 completed
  • I want to lose 3 stone (42lbs) using MFP and Exercise with Nike Fuelband and understanding my binge eating – this was the main one that did not go to plan and I don’t think worked being managed as a project. I liked the fuelband for a while, but grew bored. I got fed up with MFP as I don’t like th social media side of it. I worked at unrest anoint my binge eating and this will be something I continue to work at.
  • I want to fit back into several items of clothing which I was in at my lowest weight of 12st 7lbs – not achieved
    • Oasis Coat
    • Next Boyfriend Jeans
    • Coast Purple Flower Dress
    • Purple Suede Jacket
  • I want to beat my club gala times at swimming and do the 800m Free with tumble turns – this was mixed, but my goal also changed to completing all events possible and I did that as well as doing tumble turns so I am happy I achieved this even if my times were about the same for the events I have previously done.
  • I want to take part in more shorter distance club champ runs and beat my times of the ones I did in 2013 (specific goals to follow) – running went out the window in 2014 due to two sprained ankles and a lack of confidence. I want to go back to basics and just enjoy running for ruining, rather than signing up for different events.

Overall Project Lifestyle was interesting, but I set it up in too complicated a way. I worked towards the goals that were important to me, and others fell away for different reasons. I am going to learn from this for 2015 and focus on a few things that are the most important. I found it also did not allow for flexibility, which does not work for me. Later in the year I found I needed to change my goals to reflect my current situation and the project management approach was not constructive. I think I need a plan, but in steps rather than a set project plan. An interesting experiment and one I have learned from and will take away from greatly.

#matchachallenge Review

I’ve now completed two weeks of the the #matchachallenge! I’m currently skiing so this post is coming from my mobile, so it won’t be pretty. I’m going to carry on using matcha like the challenge for the whole month, but wanted to share the two week challenge update with you first.

I have rally enjoyed that #matchachallenge these last two weeks and have definitely noticed an energy boost in the hours after I have had my shot or drink. I’m still noticing while I’m skiing as suffering with not not sleeping well at the moment. To me it is less of a buzz like you would get with coffee and more of a prolonged boost of concentration and motivation. This is what I needed and wanted so am really pleased. This was what I was aimed my for in the two weeks. I will have a look at the weight loss benefits over a longer period of time too

I tried the matcha in a number of forms. The shot is by far the quickest, but I found it can also be the least appetising. I tried it with milk, water, and apple juice, and the juice was the best. I would like to try with almond milk when I return from holiday, as teapigs recommended that as an option. I also made it up as a long drink in the form of standard tea and a tea latte and enjoyed both a lot and will continue to drink these when I have that little extra time to sit and enjoy over the shot.

I am continuing to use my tin as it lasts the month and will stock up on more while teapigs are offering a discount throughout January! I am then going to make it a regular part of my daily routine.













Birthday Week Round Up

Tomorrow I turn 30 and head off skiing, but I wanted to share what I treated myself to for the last week of my twenties! I didn’t end up buying a thing a day, but I indulged myself in other ways and that works for me.

Saturday – I decided to treat myself to my favourite fruit, Cherries, which are also really expensive (and definitely not seasonal) this time of year, but they were worth it.

Sunday  – On sunday I took some time out to go to a local coffee shop and sit in there with the atmosphere and look at the year just past and the one ahead. It was lovely and something I have not done in a while.


Monday – On Monday I had a Partylite party for the girls at running club and other friends as a way of celebrating my 30th. SO I treated myself to drinking wine and having a nice time.

Tuesday – One of the girls bought me some flowers so I decided to go and buy a new vase as the last one I had didn’t survive a trip in the dishwasher (oops)! I also went to see The Theory of Everything at the cinema.


Wednesday – I took another trip to a coffee shop and indulged in the sale and bought a lovely Christmas themed large mug to add to my collection. I also went and re-watched The Hobbit in 3D (my unlimited updated to include it for free this year) and loved it the second time.


Thursday – I spent today with my mum and we went shopping. I bought myself some new ski socks and also had lunch out with my numa and then met up with my dad in the evening for a meal at the local thai.

Friday – Today I spent packing, but I also took some time out to catch up with my friend Ingrid and go to the cinema to see Into the Woods. I then finished packing and having to tell Merry she cannot come in my suitcase even though I am stealing her bed from underneath my bed!


Time to go skiing!

Adventures in Tea… Bluebird Tea Co Christmas Tea Box


When we head into winter I like to have a good selection of tea to hand to keep me going through the cold, dark days and nights. So this year I ordered the Bluebird Tea Co’s Christmas box with five different teas. I have now had chance to have a good sample of all five and want to share my thoughts.




First up is the Gingerbread Chai. I really like this tea. It’s rooibos, which makes it great for evening drinking as it has no caffeine. The chai and gingerbread are warming and I have enjoyed this tea with and without milk. I really like this is the evening after dinner as it naturally sweet too. A definite winner in my books.





Next up is Candy Cane. I was dubious about this one. A black tea with mint was not something I have seen or tried before. I liked it, but it would have been better with peppermint, rather than spearmint (I don’t like spearmint). It was an interesting drink with milk and I think as it is mint, it suits no milk drinking better. Not may favourite in the box purely due to the spearmint.



Thirdly is Mulled Wine. I really liked this fruity tea. If I had brandy I think it would be really good to add a shot for a really warming beverage. This is purely a fruit tea and not something I tend to drink very often, but this really worked over christmas as I felt I was getting he festive feeling, without having to have the alcohol I didn’t want as I wasn’t very well. I have a bit left so if I get any red wine left over in the near future I will add this to it try as proper mulled wine.





This was my favourite in the box – Christmas Cake! It was fruit and spicy and natural sweet thanks to the sugar snowflakes. I liked this with milk and found a great pick me up afternoon cup of tea. This tea felt like indulging, without the calories. I will definitely be ordering this again next year!



Lastly was Snowball. I wanted to love this as much as Christmas Cake, but unfortunately another flavour I am not a fan of is coconut. However I did like this one as I think the chocolate chips made up for the coconut so it tasted more like a nutty black tea than a coconut flavoured tea. The mini marshmallows again added sweetness to this tea. It was an interesting cup of tea and one I am glad I gave a chance, but not my favourite.



Overall this was a great box to get in order to try a number of different teas. I enjoyed them all in their own way and now know which one I will be ordering for next year!

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