Adventures in Coffee… Harrods Espresso Blend


I finally got round to using my other Harrods coffee from Christmas. I am really not drinking anywhere near as much coffee as before and I miss it. When it is good coffee I can drink black I really enjoy it in work, but for some reason I haven’t been drinking as much coffee, but am making up for it with tea.

I enjoyed this coffee and mainly used it in my espresso machine. It was slightly too bold and oily for the french press, but with milk it evened out the bitterness a bit.



Overall a nice espresso but one I’m not worries about having again. A great gift though!

Adventures in Coffee… March Hasbean


My February Hasbean coffee was the Columbia Finca El Vergel Washed Caturra. I love the new labels that differentiate between the farm, process and varietal. I’m learning so much about coffee through this subscription.

I really enjoyed this coffee. It was fruity and light and made great french press and espresso coffee. That is quite rare for me as I usually find I prefer each coffee a certain way. The pour over was okay, but it stood out in the french press and the lightness came through in the espresso.

I also preferred this black. The milk watered it down too much for me. I love when I find I agree with something from the In My Mug video!

Reading the description I would agree with the acidity comment and being like wine. I didn’t get melons, but the crispness was definitely there. I am surprised I liked this one so much as it was lighter than my go to fare, but that is what I love about this subscription and that I get to try coffees I wouldn’t do otherwise.

As always another informative and funny video to accompany the coffee.

What do I believe about myself?

What do I believe about myself that is keeping me fat or overeating?

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not normal
  • I don’t matter

(just typing those make me well up with tears – they hurt deep within)

I eat to make myself feel better. I eat to not deal with

Deep down these are my core beliefs about myself. I found these out in CBT last year. I’ve been working on my thoughts and behaviours to try influence and change my rules for living and then hopefully my core beliefs.

I’m not sure where these came from. I’m not looking to blame anyone. I know I learnt these beliefs somewhere, but whether that was from my parents, friends, school, strangers, or TV, it doesn’t matter right now. Blame doesn’t solve them.

These are hard to change and may never change. I can things about them though and make sure I live my life in a way that challenges them and builds up an evidence base that supports the opposite. I am going to switch them around and tell myself every day that I am the opposite of what I belief.

Simple Mantras for me:

  • I am good enough
  • I am my normal
  • I matter

I think this is the essence of Project Lifestyle. It is about showing myself that I deserve to be treated well by myself.

I’ve started my own Project Lifestyle Journal and Wall Chart (shout out to CocoGirlButter for the inspiration) and breaking down my days into the key components of what I believe make up the lifestyle I want to live.



For me:

  • Nutrition – this is about finding a balance and the foods that make me feel good, not guilty – this is also about not binging on food
  • Activity – anything that means I haven’t been sat down all day, but it doesn’t have to be structured exercise
  • Sleep – aiming for 8 hours night and monitor how restful it actually is
  • Water – this really should be hydration
  • Thoughts – this is about spending a little time making sure my thoughts are positive and helpful and challenging any that aren’t so not to let them fester

I hope by focusing on these 5 things I will develop simple long lasting habits that will go a long way towards the goal of living the rest of my life.



I want to step away from rewards, but for every pound I lose I am going to add £1 to a jar and keep to spend on something impulsive when I reach my happy and maintainable weight. I want that jar to be my mini savings account. I love saving for things and at the moment it’s hard to commit to an amount every month, but this is for me. This is instead of the money I spend on binge food buys.  I’m collecting stars and for every time I get 7 stars (not essential) I’ll add another £1 to my savings pot.


I need to put the work in in order to ingrain these habits into my life. I want these to become normal for me. I can the spend time working towards other things I haven’t even thought of yet because I am so consumed by Project Lifestyle.  Right now is the perfect time for me to focus on myself as I can’t get distracted by planning other things like holiday adventures.  I can focus on me without any distractions. I am doing this for me.

Just a random note on the bottom of this post – I decided to enter the London Marathon ballot. If I get a place I will do it, but if not I won’t be disappointed. I just felt like this was something I would do and went with the flow.

I’m a Triathlon Level 1 Coach

It’s official!

I’m a qualified Level 1 Triathlon Coach with British Triathlon!


Just got to wait for the certificate to make it extra official, but I’m super happy.

With less than a month to go before my first triathlon of 2014 I feel good about it.

I’ve got a triathlon focused weekend ahead, including getting back into the lake. It’s 12 degrees Celsius at the moment, which it was for my triathlon last year, so as long as I don’t break a toe it will be good to get back out there. I am also planning on doing the two triathlon bike routes this weekend and really get some good practice on my new bike, which I have name Shadowfax :)


I’m making excuses.

If I want to lead a healthy life I just have to do it.

I know binge eating is a problem, but I can avoid my triggers.

I need to nap and go to bed earlier.

I need to mix up my food and exercise to avoid boredom.

I need to get engaged with my hobbies.

  • Look into triathlon training

  • Look into nutrition

  • Start crafting lists or thought journal – use tapes to make things pretty (not perfect)

  • Cycle and walk for fun – take camera out and enjoy the countryside

  • Take up headspace and practice mindfulness

I need to stick to my budget and that will allow me to save and spend on things I really want rather than chocolate or binge foods.

I need to make the food I eat for meals more appetising.

I need to make health a priority.

The number on the scale is just a number. It does not define me or success.

What do I want to live for?

  • See the world!

  • Go skiing all over the world

  • Try new activities

  • Meet new people

  • Sign up for events and be able to give anything a go

  • To experience life

  • To practice meditation and maybe take up tai chi or a martial art

  • To explore my local place where ever I am

For me life isn’t about people or things. It’s not about starting a family of settling down. It’s about experiences and exploring and learning. I don’t ever want to stop learning.

I’m limited in terms of money right not, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn about health and myself. Let’s rephrase that – I’ve not got the opportunity to plan any trips right now so I can use this time to explore myself. This is an opportunity to not be distracted by grand plans and trip planning. This is an opportunity to get to know me on a daily basis. This is an opportunity to make great small decisions that add up to something amazing each day.

I’m going to tune into myself more often. I’m going to ask myself how I’m feeling. I’m going to ask myself what I fancy.

I’m also going to listen. To myself!

I would like to take the words – should, could, need, must – out of my vocabulary. I am going to replace them with kinder words of encouragement and listening.

This is a totally random post. It wasn’t started as a post. I was in work having trouble concentrating on anything that I opened a word document and kept adding to it throughout the day. It helped me get my thoughts out and I feel better for it. It might not make much sense to anyone else reading, but I wanted to share the struggle as well as the success.

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