I’m a Triathlon Level 1 Coach

It’s official!

I’m a qualified Level 1 Triathlon Coach with British Triathlon!


Just got to wait for the certificate to make it extra official, but I’m super happy.

With less than a month to go before my first triathlon of 2014 I feel good about it.

I’ve got a triathlon focused weekend ahead, including getting back into the lake. It’s 12 degrees Celsius at the moment, which it was for my triathlon last year, so as long as I don’t break a toe it will be good to get back out there. I am also planning on doing the two triathlon bike routes this weekend and really get some good practice on my new bike, which I have name Shadowfax :)


I’m making excuses.

If I want to lead a healthy life I just have to do it.

I know binge eating is a problem, but I can avoid my triggers.

I need to nap and go to bed earlier.

I need to mix up my food and exercise to avoid boredom.

I need to get engaged with my hobbies.

  • Look into triathlon training

  • Look into nutrition

  • Start crafting lists or thought journal – use tapes to make things pretty (not perfect)

  • Cycle and walk for fun – take camera out and enjoy the countryside

  • Take up headspace and practice mindfulness

I need to stick to my budget and that will allow me to save and spend on things I really want rather than chocolate or binge foods.

I need to make the food I eat for meals more appetising.

I need to make health a priority.

The number on the scale is just a number. It does not define me or success.

What do I want to live for?

  • See the world!

  • Go skiing all over the world

  • Try new activities

  • Meet new people

  • Sign up for events and be able to give anything a go

  • To experience life

  • To practice meditation and maybe take up tai chi or a martial art

  • To explore my local place where ever I am

For me life isn’t about people or things. It’s not about starting a family of settling down. It’s about experiences and exploring and learning. I don’t ever want to stop learning.

I’m limited in terms of money right not, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn about health and myself. Let’s rephrase that – I’ve not got the opportunity to plan any trips right now so I can use this time to explore myself. This is an opportunity to not be distracted by grand plans and trip planning. This is an opportunity to get to know me on a daily basis. This is an opportunity to make great small decisions that add up to something amazing each day.

I’m going to tune into myself more often. I’m going to ask myself how I’m feeling. I’m going to ask myself what I fancy.

I’m also going to listen. To myself!

I would like to take the words – should, could, need, must – out of my vocabulary. I am going to replace them with kinder words of encouragement and listening.

This is a totally random post. It wasn’t started as a post. I was in work having trouble concentrating on anything that I opened a word document and kept adding to it throughout the day. It helped me get my thoughts out and I feel better for it. It might not make much sense to anyone else reading, but I wanted to share the struggle as well as the success.

Project Lifestyle April Career Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

This month for my career it is focusing on my daily and weekly organisation and making it work for me. Like my social work stream this is having a little less effort this month, but it is not being forgotten.

I am going back to basics and have gotten a new small notepad in order to write down my daily to do list.  I also plan to review this to see which tasks I procrastinate on. I want to work out where I struggle and why.

I also want to get better at planning ahead as I’m starting to head out of the office more, but I still need to be able to complete my normal monthly work cycle of reports. So I need to make sure I know when I’m out and be proactive in my time and get things done.

I really want to start using my time more efficiently and effectively.  I also want to show I have more capacity in areas to take new things on and progress towards working at the next level up in the organisation, and so keeping my overall project goal of aiming for promotion next year.


Project Lifestyle April Social Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover


I will admit this work stream is taking a less energy this month. After my extremely busy March is will be nice to just focus on swimming and running club and consistency. I also plan to see my sister and my friend Ingrid.

I also want to practice learning people’s names, so plan to do that with each social thing I do this month – also in work!

I am feeling lonely so as part of this month’s focus I am also going to bring in one of the deliverables from the project and write a few letters to people I don’t see or speak to that often. I think it will be good to write some light subject matter letters, but put some effort and thought into finding out how that person is and what they are up to. Screw Facebook for keeping up to date with people, I’m going old school and making it more fun and interesting. Also I get to use some nice stationary :)

Project Lifestyle April Mental Health Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

I’m currently in a low period, therefore I’ve been quiet on the blog as I don’t want it to be a place to complain. But then I thought I’m not complaining and I want to share how I feel and show things aren’t always rosy when dealing with mental health and depression.

This month I thinking about myself. My current self. The 29 year old Angie that is sat writing this post. I spend a lot of time thinking about the past and future. The me that has been and gone and then the me that might never be. It’s not helpful. I cannot live in the past, but I can learn from it. I cannot predict the future, but I can prepare and work towards a goal I want to achieve.

I really liked Mizfit’s recent blog post – Don’t Compare You to… You - it really struck a nerve with me and I recommend you go and read it.

I’m fed up of hating my body. It is amazing. It has done so many amazing things for me, how could I hate it? Yet I feel I punish daily with my negative self talk, my comparisons to other people and my past self. I punish it food. I punish it with exercise. I am ashamed of it.

Ashamed definition – embarrassed or guilty because of one’s actions, characteristics, or associations.

But I only have one body. The fat I carry does not define me. I have fat, but I am not fat.


This has gotten me thinking about the way I think about things. I recently started using MoodGYM, which is a self help CBT type website and it goes through things such as feelings and thoughts. In the feelings section it talked about how we interpret our thoughts and that leads to the feelings. It goes through a number of examples and it again really struck something inside me.

What you think is what you feel.

A quote from Hamlet – There is ninth good nor ill but thinking makes it so

So this month I am looking at how I think about myself and how I treat myself. It is a work in progress, but I feel (and think) I can make good progress this month.




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